DISCLAIMER: Always keep empty space in your inventory at all times, especially when you're about to receive an item, and make sure that you are not overweight. The ExperienceRO team will not be held responsible for any losses due to users' own actions. It is players' responsibility to read the Rules and Regulations and the Warnings.
WARNING: Do not use @market outside of Moonhaven. Keep your @market respectful, and do not engage in false advertising.

You can use the @market command to create a clone of your character that will display a market title and a market message. When players double-click on a market title, the market's message will be shown in the chat channel in the font color chosen by the player.

Format: @market "Brief Market Title" "Market message can be longer and more detailed." colornumberhere

Usage: @market "S>Bloody Branches" "1k BB for 500 plats" 14

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