WARNING: Do not use @market outside of Moonhaven. Keep your @market respectful, and do not engage in false advertising. Always check market and vending prices (@whosell) before making transactions. The ExperienceRO team will not compensate users for 'scam' deals.

You can use the @market command to create a clone of your character that will display a market title and a market message. When players double-click on a market title, the market's message will be shown in the chat channel in the font color chosen by the player.

Format: @market "Brief Market Title" "Market message can be longer and more detailed." colornumberhere

Usage: @market "S>Bloody Branches" "1k BB for 400 plats" 14

Q) How do I close the market?

Use @marketkill

Q) Can I go @afk after I @market?

Yes, you can. Just make sure to @afk in the AFK section that's in the upper-right area of Moonhaven.

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