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In ExperienceRO, the alignment system refers to the sides that players will have to choose between in Chapter 6: The good side, which is The Order, and the evil side, which is The Chaos. The Chaos was introduced with Chapter 7, and is a big part of that chapter. Depending on the alignment with which the player sides, his or her quests in Chapter 7 will be a little different.

Each alignment has its own benefits and drawbacks, with Chapter 7 being slightly tilted to the favor of the followers of The Chaos. However, only The Order can have path specializations.

One other major difference between the alignments would be the WoE Skulls which currently only benefit The Chaos, and instead have a 'burden' on the followers of The Order.

After choosing an Alignment, you can choose a Devotion if you meet certain requirements.

Q) How can I choose an alignment?

Complete Chapters 1-5. Show the Evolution Stone (can be purchased or borrowed) to the Chief, the General, and Petra. Then, submit three Seals of Exorcism to Petra before Black Moon is over. Then talk to the General afterward and choose your alignment.

If you choose The Order, you'll be able to talk to your Path Mentor to get your path coin, choose force or fortress, and choose a Path Specialization. You cannot have this privilege as a follower of The Chaos.

Q) What is my alignment?

If you completed Chapter 6 before the implementation of Chapter 7, then you're on The Order.

Q) Can I change my alignment?

No, you cannot. If you'd like to play The Chaos, you'll have to make a new character.