Ammunition is an NPC in the mall of Moonhaven known for selling arrows, bullets, and more ammunition.

See the Elements page to see which elements are effective against your targets' elements.


Item Element Attack
Arrow of Counter Evil
Arrow of Counter Evil Holy 50 ATK
Arrow of Wind
Arrow of Wind Wind 30 ATK
Arrow Neutral 25 ATK
Crystal Arrow
Crystal Arrow Water 30 ATK
Cursed Arrow
Cursed Arrow Neutral 1 ATK
Fire Arrow
Fire Arrow Fire 30 ATK
Flash Arrow
Flash Arrow Neutral 1 ATK
Frozen Arrow
Frozen Arrow Water 1 ATK
Arrow of Counter Evil
Holy Arrow Holy 50 ATK
Immaterial Arrow
Immaterial Arrow Ghost 30 ATK
Iron Arrow Neutral 30 ATK
Mute Arrow
Silence Arrow (Mute Arrow) Neutral 1 ATK
Arrow of Counter Evil
Oridecon Arrow Neutral 50 ATK
Poison Arrow
Poison Arrow Poison 1 ATK
Rusty Arrow
Rusty Arrow Poison 30 ATK
Arrow of Shadow
Arrow of Shadow Shadow (Dark) 30 ATK
Sharp Arrow
Sharp Arrow Neutral 10 ATK
Silver Arrow
Silver Arrow Holy 30 ATK
Sleep Arrow
Sleep Arrow Neutral 1 ATK
Arrow of Counter Evil
Steel Arrow Neutral 40 ATK
Stone Arrow
Stone Arrow Earth 30 ATK
Flash Arrow
Stun Arrow Neutral 1 ATK

Throwing Daggers

Item Element Attack
Venom Knife
Venom Knife Neutral 30 ATK


Item Element Attack
Bullet Neutral 10 ATK
Bloody Shell
Bloody Shell Neutral 30 ATK
Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet Holy 15 ATK


Item Element Price
Blind Sphere
Blind Sphere Shadow (Dark) 50 ATK
Flare Sphere
Flare Sphere Fire 50 ATK
Freezing Sphere
Freezing Sphere Water 50 ATK
Lightning Sphere
Lightning Sphere Wind 50 ATK
Poison Sphere
Poison Sphere Poison 50 ATK


Item Element Attack
Flash Shuriken
Flash Shuriken Neutral 45 ATK
Thorn Needle Shuriken
Thorn Needle Shuriken Neutral 100 ATK
Nimbus Shuriken
Nimbus Shuriken Neutral 30 ATK
Sharp Leaf Shuriken
Sharp Leaf Shuriken Neutral 70 ATK
Shuriken Neutral 10 ATK


Item Element Price
Black Earth Kunai
Black Earth Kunai Earth 30 ATK
Fell Poison Kunai
Fell Poison Kunai Poison 30 ATK
Heat Wave Kunai
Heat Wave Kunai Fire 30 ATK
Icicle Kunai
Icicle Kunai Water 30 ATK
High Wind Kunai
High Wind Kunai Wind 30 ATK

Ninja Stones

Item Element Price
Flame Stone
Flame Stone Fire 150 z
Ice Stone
Ice Stone Water 150 z
Wind Stone
Wind Stone Wind 150 z
Shadow Orb
Shadow Orb 300 z
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