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Armor Chests give a random armor (headgear, shield, manteau, etc.) from the path armor chest. Each path has its own chest, so we have 5 armor chests so far:

  • The One Armor Chest
  • Hero Armor Chest
  • Guardian Armor Chest
  • Collector Armor Chest
  • Divergent Armor Chest

The headgear (upper, middle, lower) are the most common. The other parts (armor, shield, manteau, boots) have a lower chance of being obtained. Bubble Gum Bubble Gum does not affect the rates of obtainability in this case.

Armor chests are dropped by King Poring (10.00%), and can be obtained from Event Box. They are also rewards for completing the Forgotten Temple quest at the 10th completion marker, where the amor chest rewarded belongs to the character's corresponding path.

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