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Assumptio reduces damage taken from enemies by half for the spell's duration. Damage is only reduced to 2/3 of the original damage by this skill in PvP areas, including Battlegrounds and WoE areas.[1]

Cannot be cast inside a guild castle, but retains its effect after entering one. Assumptio and Kyrie Eleison cannot be used at the same time - they overwrite each other.

Skill Level Cast Time Cast Delay Duration SP Cost
1 1 sec 1.1 sec 20 sec 20 SP
2 1.5 sec 1.2 sec 40 sec 30 SP
3 2 sec 1.3 sec 60 sec 40 SP
4 2.5 sec 1.4 sec 80 sec 50 SP
5 3 sec 1.5 sec 100 sec 60 SP


  • Does not reduce fixed damage from Gloria Domini, Gravitational Field and Tarot cards (Chariot, Tower and The Devil)
  • Assumptio and Kaite overlap each other
  • Can be used on monsters while Kyrie Eleison cannot