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Axes is an NPC on the right side of the mall on Moonhaven. He sells axes.

Axe Description Class


Element Price
Axe A common axe. One-Handed Axe 38 10,000 z
War Axe
War Axe A bloodthirsty axe that has aided many warriors in battle.
  • DEX +2
  • LUK +2
One-Handed Axe 140 20,000 z
Windhawk An axe that summons winds around its user, giving it unprecedented attack speed.
  • ASPD +5%
One-Handed Axe 115 45,000 z
Orcish Axe
Orcish Axe An axe crafted by Orcish smiths for Orcish warriors. One-Handed Axe 75 75,000 z
Battle Axe
Battle Axe A sturdy two-handed axe useful for defeating many foes. Two-Handed Axe 80 20,000 z
Hammer A really big hammer. Two-Handed Axe 120 30,000 z
Buster A powerful axe that lives up to its mighty appearance. Two-Handed Axe 155 75,000 z
Bloody Axe
Bloody Axe A terrifying axe that is said to fill the entire battlefield with blood once it cuts flesh.
  • STR +10
  • Increases movement speed.
Two-Handed Axe 170 50,000 z
Great Axe
Great Axe A humongous, double bladed axe.
  • Mammonite skill will shove its target 5 cells backward.
  • Adds 15% chance to inflict Stun status on target when dealing physical attacks.
Two-Handed Axe 187 50,000 z
Sabbath An axe which is said to eradicate the darkness in mislead hearts and guide them to the afterlife.
  • Increases Critical damage on Undead monsters by 50%.
  • Adds a chance to inflict Coma status on Demon monsters when dealing physical attacks.
Two-Handed Axe 120 Shadow (Undead) 50,000 z
Light Epsilon
Light Epsilon A Greek ceremonial axe that possesses the power of holiness.
  • Increases damage inflicted on Demon monsters by 3%.
  • Enables: Heal [Lv:3]
Two-Handed Axe 180 Holy 50,000 z
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer A gigantic and ridiculously heavy axe that requires great strength to use it properly.
  • ASPD -25%
  • Doubles SP consumption of all skills.

[ Base STR >= 95 ]

  • ATK +400
  • Adds 30% chance to inflict Stun to attacker when attacked by physical attacks.
  • Adds 5% chance of breaking the enemy's armor when dealing physical attacks
Two-Handed Axe 10 100,000 z
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