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Blessing places a temporary buff on a single target that increases STR, DEX and INT. This skill also purges the target of Curse and Stone (2nd stage only) statuses. Versus Undead property and Demon race monsters, halves their DEX and INT instead.

Level Stat Increase Duration SP Cost
1 1 60s 28
2 2 80s 32
3 3 100s 36
4 4 120s 40
5 5 140s 44
6 6 160s 48
7 7 180s 52
8 8 200s 56
9 9 220s 60
10 10 240s 64


  • "Offensive Blessing" does not work on players.
  • When used on a target to remove Curse status, they will not receive the stat boosts.
  • This skill is often even more integral to an Acolyte than other players, as the INT increase bolsters SP Recovery considerably.
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