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(Not to be confused with Dead Branch)

A Bloody Branch Bloody Branch.gif is a usable item that summons MvPs and some mini bosses which do not include custom MvPs.

It's to be used in the Branch Room (Moonhaven @jump 236 194).

Bloody Branch can come in different boxes such as a Bloody Branch 10 Box, Bloody Branch 100 Box, and a Bloody Branch 30000 Box.

Bloody Branch (12103) is mostly farmed from Temple Spirit (found in the Forgotten Temple) which drops the item at a 10.00% drop rate, while it also drops Bloody Branch 10 Box (26008) at 1.00%. Bloody Branch 100 Box (26015) can be rewarded to players that complete a Forgotten Temple quest. Bloody Branch 30000 Box (26039) can be made at the Bulk Trader NPC in exchange for 30000 Bloody Branches.

Bloody Branches are most commonly used to summon Dragon and Demon MvPs to gain points for the Guardian Path. Only 12/44 of the summoned monsters are Dragon or Demon MvPs. Some of the MvPs that are summoned can also drop items needed for The Collector Path's quests.

One of the Dragon MvPs that can be summoned is Nidhoggr's Shadow. Do note that this is not the customized Nidhoggr (Nidhoggr's Revenge), but is rather a classic RO MvP with strength comparable to any other classic RO MvP, so you do not need extra precautions when facing him.

Bloody Branch Monster List

Suggestion: Use Bubble Gum to increase your chances of obtaining MVP cards. To loot all cards, use @aloottype +card

Your autoloot list can hold up to 30 items.

Not all Dragons/Demons and MvPs. Deviling and Ghostring are mini bosses, so you will not get Guardian points from them.

Monster Name Monster ID Race Notable Drop(s) Item ID
Detardeurus (Detale) 1719 Dragon Fire Dragon Scale.gifFire Dragon Scale (100.00%) (Collector Quest Item) 7451
Nidhoggr's Shadow(NOT Nidhoggr's Revenge) 2022 Dragon
Deviling (Mini Boss) 1582 Demon Black Dyestuffs.gif Black Dyestuffs (100.00%) (Justin Ingredient) 983
Fallen Bishop Hibram 1871 Demon
Tao Gunka 1583 Demon Gemstone.gif Gemstone (10.00%) (Collector Quest Item) 7300
Ghostring (Mini Boss) 1120 Demon
Lord of the Dead 1373 Demon Piece of Shield.gif Piece of Shield (100.00%) (Collector Quest Item) 7108
Memory of Thanatos 1708 Demon Skeletal Armor Piece.gif Skeletal Armor Piece (100.00%) (Collector Quest Item) 7450
Baphomet 1039 Demon
Beelzebub 1873 Demon
Dark Lord 1272 Demon
Doppelganger 1046 Demon
Dracula 1389 Demon
Moonlight Flower 1150 Demon
Arc Angeling 1388 Angel Agate.gif Agate (100.00%) (Collector Quest Item)

Turquoise.gif Turquoise (100.00%) (Collector Quest Item)



Evil Snake Lord 1418 Brute Ba Gua.gif Ba Gua (100.00%) (Collector Quest Item) 7169
Valkyrie Randgris 1751 Angel Bloody Edge.gif Bloody Edge (100.00%) (Justin Ingredient) 7024
Hatii (Garm) 1252 Brute Fang of Hatii.gif Fang of Hatii (100.00%) (Collector Quest Item)

Fang of Hatii.gif Fang of Hatii (10.00%) [MvP Prize]

Amon Ra 1511 Demi-Human Fragment of Rossata Stone.gif Fragment of Rossata Stone (100.00%) (Collector Quest Item) 7211
Orc Hero 1087 Demi-Human Heroic Emblem.gif Heroic Emblem (100.00%) (Collector Quest Item) 968
Orc Lord 1190 Demi-Human Heroic Emblem.gif Heroic Emblem (55.00%) (Collector Quest Item) [MvP Prize] 968
Kiel D-01 1734 Formless Pocket Watch.gif Pocket Watch (#7513) (10.00%) (Collector Quest Item) 7513
Pharaoh 1157 Demi-Human Masque of Tutankhamen.gif Masque of Tutankhamen (100.00%) (Justin ingredient) 7114
Maya 1147 Insect Mother's Nightmare.gif Mother's Nightmare (10.00%) (Collector Quest Item) 7020
Phreeoni 1159 Brute
Ifrit 1832 Formless
RSX-0806 1623 Formless
Eddga 1115 Brute Tiger Skin.gif Tiger Skin (50.00%) (Collector Quest Item) [MvP Prize] 1029
Turtle General 1312 Brute
Vesper 1685 Brute
Gloom Under Night 1768 Formless Will of Red Darkness.gif Will of Red Darkness (100.00%) (Collector Quest Item) 7566
Mistress 1059 Insect Young Twig.gif Young Twig (10.00%) (Collector Quest Item) 7018
Angeling 1096 Angel
Atroce 1785 Brute
Gopinich 1885 Brute
Egnigem Cenia 1658 Demi-Human
Incantation Samurai 1492 Demi-Human
White Lady 1630 Demi-Human
Ktullanux 1779 Formless
Stormy Knight 1251 Formless
Golden Thief Bug 1086 Insect
Lady Tanee 1688 Plant
Drake 1112 Undead
Osiris 1038 Undead