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Boosters are scrolls which give its user a number of path points. They only work after the user has chosen his or her path and has taken to the path mentor. Boosters are not affected by approvals.

Boosters can be farmed from Clam Soldier (blue) in Vanadis Dungeon [Lv:1, 2].

They are tradeable among players and can be sold at Mall vendors. You can search for vendors that sell boosters using the @whosell command, like so:

@whosell 25955
Item ID Booster Points
25955 'The One' Booster 125
25956 'Hero' Booster 3
25957 'Guardian' Booster 88
25958 'Collector' Booster 10
25959 'Divergent' Booster 25,000
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