Function: MVP Room
Bossnia Soldier
NPC Location: Moonhaven (@jump 258 186)

Click here to copy @warp moonhaven 258 186


Neutral resistance: Check @eleresist —Neutral resistance should be 100%

MDEF: Left side should be 100 (Alt+A)

Potions: Green Potion (Street Dealer @jump 171 176) & Yggdrasil Berry (Baphomet Jr. @warp prt_maze03)

Equip Location Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4
Basic Helm Upper Gibbet Card Gibbet Card Gibbet Card Gibbet Card
Basic Glasses Middle Gibbet Card Gibbet Card Gibbet Card Gibbet Card
Basic Bag Lower Gibbet Card Gibbet Card Gibbet Card Gibbet Card
Basic Armor Armor Peco Peco Card Peco Peco Card Peco Peco Card Peco Peco Card
Basic Shield Shield Tatacho Card Seeker Card
Basic Manteau Manteau Raydric Card Raydric Card Raydric Card Raydric Card
Basic Boots Boots Megalith Card Megalith Card Megalith Card Megalith Card


You can use navigation commands to show you directions that will lead you to the next level in Bossnia:

  1. Level 1 going to Level 2: /navi bossnia_01 152/115
  2. Level 2 going to Level 3: /navi bossnia_02 64/78
  3. Level 3 going to Level 4: /navi bossnia_03 84/51
The navigation to Bossnia level 4 will lead you to stand on a cliff. Zoom out until you see a floating rock in front of you. Hover over the bottom of the rock and you will see that it is clickable and says "Level 4". You will be asked "There's a hidden lever. Pull?" Selecting "Pull" will warp you to Bossnia level 4.
Bossnia 03 02


You can use the @alootid command to add and remove items on your autoloot list, like so:

@alootid +fire dragon scale

The autoloot list in ExperienceRO can hold upto 30 items. You can remove items from the list like this:

@alootid -fire dragon scale


Q) Why can't I hit the Petites and Deleters?

You will need 100 MDEF + You need something that ignores their MDEF:

  • High Wizard Card: Increases variable cast time by 100%, but ignores the MDEF of Normal monsters. You can compensate for variable cast time by having a total minimum of 850 DEX or using 4 Berzebub Cards.
  • Certain glorious weapons that ignore 10% MDEF of all monsters: Glorious Arc Wand; Glorious Cure Wand; Glorious Rapier; Glorious Tablet
  • Dragon Wing (from the Bows store): Ignores Dragon monsters' Defense.
  • Necromancer Card: Ignores 2% Magic Defense of enemies

Q) Why is it that when I killed a dragon/demon MvP, I didn't get any points?

There are different versions of MvPs in Bossnia. Some of them are 'slaves' summoned by other monsters. These do not give points.

Check @mi baphomet and you will see that there are many different versions of Baphomet. Only one of them gives points, but there are more than one type in Bossnia. So, some of the ones you kill will give points while others will not.

Dragon/Demon MvPs

See: The Guardian Path and Full List of Dragon/Demon MvPs.

Dragon MvP

Note: Detardeurus/Detale is the only dragon-race MvP in Bossnia.

Monster Name Location Notable Drop(s)
Detardeurus (Detale) bossnia_03 Fire Dragon ScaleFire Dragon Scale (100.00%) (Collector Quest Item)

Demon MvPs

Monster Name Location Notable Drop(s)
Baphomet bossnia_01


Doppelganger bossnia_01
Moonlight Flower bossnia_01
Lord of Death bossnia_02 Piece of Shield Piece of Shield (100.00%) (Collector quest item)
Beelzebub bossnia_03 Card Berzebub Card (10.00%) (Reduce variable cast time of all skills by 30%)
Dracula bossnia_03
Fallen Bishop bossnia_03


Card Fallen Bishop Hibram Card (10.00%) (MATK + 10%, Maximum SP - 50%; Increases damage inflicted on Demi-Human and Angel monster by 50%.)
Tao Gunka bossnia_03


Gemstone Gemstone (100.00%) (Collector quest item)

Card Tao Gunka Card (10.00%) (MaxHP +50%; DEF and MDEF -50%; If refine is over 14, MaxHP +25%)

Naght Sieger bossnia_04
Wounded Morroc bossnia_04

Collector Quest Items

See: The Collector Path and full list of Collector Quest Items.

Item Name Item ID Monster Location Note(s)
Tiger Skin
Tiger Skin 1029 Eddga (50.0%) bossnia_01 MvP Prize
Fang of Hatii
Fang of Hatii 7036 Hatii (Garm) (100.00%) bossnia_01
Heroic Emblem
Heroic Emblem 968 Orc Hero (100.00%)

Orc Lord (55.00%)

bossnia_02 Orc Lord MvP prize
Young Twig
Young Twig 7018 Mistress (10.00%) bossnia_02 10% drop rate
Piece of Shield
Piece of Shield 7108 Lord of Death (100.00%) bossnia_02
Ba Gua
Ba Gua 7169 Evil Snake Lord (100.00%) bossnia_02




Arc Angeling (100.00%) bossnia_03


Will of Red Darkness
Will of Red Darkness 7566 Gloom Under Night (100.00%) bossnia_03
Mother's Nightmare
Mother's Nightmare 7020 Maya (10.00%) bossnia_03 10% drop rate
Fragment of Rossata Stone
Fragment of Rossata Stone 7211 Amon Ra (100.00%) bossnia_03
Fire Dragon Scale
Fire Dragon Scale 7451 Detardeurus (Detale) (100.00) bossnia_03
Pocket Watch
Pocket Watch 7513 Kiel D-01 (100.00%) bossnia_03
Gemstone Gemstone 7300 Tao Gunka (100.00%) bossnia_03


Skeletal Armor Piece
Skeletal Armor Piece 7450 Memory of Thanatos (100.00%) bossnia_03