Note: In ExperienceRO, all weapons and equipment have 4 slots (even if they don't show the slots), except for shields which have 2 slots.

Bows is an NPC in the right side of the mall in Moonhaven. He sells bows.

Item Description Attack Job(s) Price
Bow A common bow. 15 Archer, Thief, Rogue 20,000 z
Composite Bow
Composite Bow An average bow that is mostly used for small game hunting. 29 Archer, Thief, Rogue 50,000 z
Great Bow
Great Bow A simply constructed bow that offers well balanced performance. 50 Archer, Thief, Rogue 20,000 z
Rudra Bow
Rudra Bow
  • A bow imbued with the sacred essense of Rudra, one of the ancient gods.
  • INT +5
  • Enables use of Heal [Lv:1] and Cure [Lv:1]
  • Adds 50% tolerance to the Poison, Curse, Silence, Chaos, and Blind statuses (not elemental)
  • Element: Holy
150 Archer and Rogue 50,000 z
Luna Bow
Luna Bow A bow crafted out of moonstone with an attached blade that allows its user to block and counter enemy attacks.

The drawback is that this bow is quite heavy.


DEF +2 if not refined

DEF +3 When refined to +6

DEF +5 When refined to +9

100 Hunter 75,000 z
Rudra Bow
Dragon Wing A bow constructed out of dragon bone and made to look like dragon wings.

Ignores Dragon monsters' defense.

Has 3% chance of gaining Oridecon Arrow each time it kills a Dragon monster.

100 Archer, Thief, Hunter, Rogue, Bard / Dancer 75,000 z
Minstrel Bow
Minstrel Bow A musical instrument that has been modified into a bow.

INT +2

SP Recovery +10%

120 Hunter, Bard / Dancer 75,000 z
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