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Bubble Gum Bubble Gum.gif and HE Bubble Gum HE Bubble Gum.gif are items that increase the chances of obtaining items.

How They Work

Getting items are like this..

Let's say there is an item that has a 10% drop rate.

  1. The game rolls an invisible dice, and the chances of you getting the item is 10%.
  2. But with Bubble Gum, the item is still 10%, but it rolls the dice 2 times
  3. With HE Bubble Gum, the dice is rolled 3 times.

How to Get Them

Q) How to get Bubble Gum?

You can obtain Bubble Gum from Lucky Me and from the Collector Keeper.

Q) How to get HE Bubble Gum?

You can make HE Bubble Gum from the Guardian Keeper.

Stacking and Function

Q) Does using more than one Bubble Gum stack? Do Bubble Gum and HE Bubble Gum stack? Does Bubble Gum stack with the Bubble Gum effect from the Collector/Guardian set?


Bubble Gum/HE Bubble Gum do not work on: