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After leveling up to 800/250, Walk past the Royal Guard (moonhaven 185 210). He will warp you to General Van Handel.

General Van Handel: Handel's Recommendation

Submit 3 items to General Van Handel: Skeletal Armor PieceSkeletal Armor Piece, Will of Red Darkness Will of Red Darkness, Fire Dragon Scale Fire Dragon Scale. Check @ii for item information, @whodrops, and @whereis. You may use the MVP room "Bossnia" (moonhaven 258 186) or kindly ask players to help you out.

Sophia: Choose a Path

Take a look at The Path System for more details. You cannot change a path once you choose it.

  • Reward: Sophia will give you your path's upper headgear.

Sophia: The General's Wife - Gavriil

Talk to Sophia to learn about the General's wife. This will unlock Eden Dungeon for you.

General Van Handel: 'Nidhoggr's Revenge' slain

You must kill the summoned version of Nidhoggr's Revenge. This is necessary, even if you submit Gavriil's Ring Gavriil's Ring.

General Van Handel: Gavriil's Ring found

Submit Gavriil's Ring to General Van Handel. All versions of Nidhoggr drop them in Eden Dungeon (level 3).

General Van Handel: 'Thank you'

Talk to the General again to receive a reward from him.

  • Reward: Path's lower headgear

Optional: Sophia's Reward

After submitting Gavriil's Ring Gavriil's Ring, talk to Sophia to receive Sophia's Blessing.

Optional: Royal Guard's Reward

Walk past the Royal Guard in Moonhaven (@jump 185 205) to receive his reward.

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