Q) How to unlock Chapter 3?
  1. Get your pinnacle
    1. Pinnacle: The One Path: 100k pts | Hero Path: 7k pts | Guardian: 70k pts | Collector: 8k pts | Divergent: 20m pts
  2. Complete Chapter 1
  3. Complete Chapter 2
  4. Talk to Jessica (@jump 210 240)

Chapter Quests

Jessica: Welcome to Vanadis!

Talking to Jessica (@jump 210 240) and having her warp you to Vanadis will unlock the third chapter and will simultaneously complete the first chapter requirement.

Jologz: Not telling everything

Find scientist Jologz (@warp vanadis 160 130) in Vanadis, and have a talk with him to learn a few things about what happened in the lab.

Vanadis: 'Valaris' slain

  1. Talk to the door at the very upper and middle part of the room
  2. Get "Laboratory Keycard" from Infected Eremes
  3. Talk to the door again
  4. Talk to all the NPCs the the room
  5. Talk to the back of the big door
  6. Kill [ Valaris ]
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