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REMINDER: You should remember this to always leave some space available in your inventory. This is because you will be rewarded with "Seals" as you progress on that respective Path, not to mention the Pinnacle as well.

Path Set

Main article: Collector Set

MvP, revolves around item hunting and quest rewards.

Training Approach

Your path mentor, Liliruca Arde (moonhaven 162 262), will ask you to bring her 1-7 of an item, and will reward you between 12-30 points at random. You can use an Approval of a 'Collector' Approval to double the points that you earn.


Liliruca Arde: Moonhaven (@jump 162 262). Do note that you'll only start getting your respective Path points after talking to your Path's Mentor.


Seals are use as ingredient to make items at the Collector Keeper. You will get either a Seal of Knowledge Seal of Knowledge or a Seal of Integrity at every 700 points (at a 50/50 chance). The Seals also correspond to the number of Seals you have in your inventory. Let's say you're at 1,400 points, but you have 2 Seals in your inventory somehow, your next Seal will only be given to you at 2,100 points.


Collector Keeper (moonhaven 258 203)


You will receive your pinnacle at 8,000 points.

Collector Quest Items

The items that path mentor Lili requires are shown in the table below. There are currently 17 collector quest items.

She will ask for a random number between 1-7 of any of the items below for each quest in exchange for 12-30 points (or 24-60 points using an Approval).

You will need some items from The Endless Tower and from Bossnia (MvP room). Use the @alootid + command to automatically loot items. Note that you can loot up to 30 items at a time. You can use @alootid - to remove items from your list. To check your loot list, simply use @alootid

@alootid +gold

You can use Bubble Gum Bubble Gum or HE Bubble Gum HE Bubble Gum to increase the chances of obtaining items.

Item Name Item ID Monster Highest Spawn Location Note(s)
Talon of Griffon Talon of Griffon 7048 Gryphon (100.00%) Endless Tower 10 on floor 83

10 on floor 86

Three-Headed Dragon's Head Three-Headed Dragon's Head 7443 Hydrolancer (100.00%) Endless Tower 10 on floor 79

10 on floor 86

Tiger Skin Tiger Skin 1029 Eddga (50.00%) bossnia_01 MvP Prize
Fang of Hatii Fang of Hatii 7036 Hatii (Garm) (100.00%) bossnia_01
Heroic Emblem Heroic Emblem 968 Orc Hero (100.00%)

Orc Lord (55.00%)

bossnia_02 Orc Lord's MvP Prize
Young Twig Young Twig 7018 Mistress (10.00%) bossnia_02 10% drop rate
Piece of Shield Piece of Shield 7108 Lord of Death (100.00%) bossnia_02
Ba Gua Ba Gua 7169 Evil Snake Lord (100.00%) bossnia_02
AgateTurquoise Agate




Arc Angeling (100.00% each) bossnia_02


Will of Red Darkness Will of Red Darkness 7566 Gloom Under Night (100.00%) bossnia_03 Justin ingredient
Mother's Nightmare Mother's Nightmare 7020 Maya (10.00%) bossnia_03 10% drop rate
Fragment of Rossata Stone Fragment of Rossata Stone 7211 Amon Ra (100.00%) bossnia_03
Fire Dragon Scale Fire Dragon Scale 7451 Detardeurus (Detale) (100.00%) bossnia_03
Pocket Watch Pocket Watch 7513 Kiel D-01 (100.00%) bossnia_03
Gemstone Gemstone 7300 Tao Gunka (100.00%) bossnia_03


Skeletal Armor Piece Skeletal Armor Piece 7450 Memory of Thanatos (100.00%) bossnia_03


Justin ingredient
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