Costume Maker converts your headgear into costumes, costing (3) Event Tokens Event Token per conversion.

Q) What is the purpose of costuming?

Costumes hide the actual headgear underneath. This is usually done for PvP purposes so that your opponents won't know what you're wearing, or you just prefer the way that the costumes look.

Q) If I convert a headgear to a costume, will it still have its effects?

Costumes have no effects, so once you convert a headgear into a costume, its effects will be nullified. Cards and refinements will be removed as well, but you will not receive a refine deed in place of the removed refinement.

Q) Why aren't my normal headgear working?

However, if you wear a costumed path headgear with the Odin Set, the Odin Set will not work.

Also, if you wear a headgear with its costumed version at the same time, it will cancel out its effects.

Q) How to restore a costume back into a headgear?

To restore a costumed headgear into a regular headgear with effects, talk to the Costume Make and choose "I want to restore." Each restoration costs (5) Event Tokens Event Token per headgear.

How to Costume

  1. Get the headgear that you want to be converted into a costume, and put it in your character's inventory. You can find lots of headgear stores at the mall.
  2. Wear the headgear on your character. This player wants to convert his Beanie into a costume.
  3. Talk to the Costume Maker (@jump 220 192) and select "I want to convert." She will ask you to select which headgear you'd like to convert. In his case, Player will select 'Top-[Beanie]'. Costume Maker will then take your Beanie and convert it into a costume. The costume will be in the Costume tab of the Equipment window (Alt+Q).
Equipment Tab
Costume Tab
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