If you're not in a guild, press Alt+G which will open up the Guild Companion window. From there, you can click on the 'help' button which will provide details on Guild Creation, Guild Information Window, and Registration and Emblems.

Guild Creation Edit

  1. The guild master must have an Emperium in his/her inventory. Emperium is dropped by Orc Zombie in @warp orcsdun01
  2. Ways to create a guild:
    • /guild guildnamehere
    • Alt+G > Create Guild
  3. Alt+G: Guild Information called.

Guild Information Window Edit

  1. Guild, Experience, Guild Level, Guild Emblem, Master Name, Enemies, Points, Average Member Level, Alliance, Hostile Guilds can be found.
  2. Membership Information: Guild members to look for individual information and being able to withdraw from one's guild. Guild must remove all members of the guild if the guild master wishes to disband the guild. @changegm isn't applied ExperienceRO to support active guild masters.
  3. Set Position: Taxing members up to 50%
  4. Guild Skill: When a guild levels up, the guild master can use points to advance guild skills by investing in them once they are available.
  5. Outcast: Guild exile list. Also includes reason of banishment.
  6. Guild Master Announcements: Members can be notified.
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