ExperienceRO uses custom currencies. The main currencies are Platinum Coin, Mithril Coin, Event Token, and Donation Credit. Players also deal with Gold, King Token, Duelist Coins, WoE Token, and PvP Token.

Currency Conversion

The following currency conversions are as of March 2019. They are subject to change.

  • 1 Platinum Coin = 8 Mithril Coins
  • 1 Event Token = ~5-8 Platinum Coins
  • 1 Donation Credit = 900-1000 Platinum Coins

Players can use the Coin Trader to convert Mithril Coins to Platinum Coins, and to purchase Platinum Zenies (an item worth 1 Platinum Coin and gives 2 billion zeny).

Currency Value (As of March 8th, 2019) Source Use
Platinum Coin
Platinum Coin (Main) 1 PC = 8 MC

1 PC = 2 billion zeny (Purchase 'Platinum Zeny' from Coin Trader)

Farming in dungeons:


Main currency
Mithril Coin
Mithril Coin 1 PC = 8 MC Farmed: They can be used to play at Lucky Me.
Event Token
Event Token 1 ET = 5-8 PC
Donation Credit
Donation Credit (Premium Currency) 1 DC = 900-1,000 PC
King Token
King Token ~3k-3.5k PC King Trader
WoE Token
WoE Token ~1,000 PC
PvP Token
PvP Token ~200 PC
Duelist Coins
  1. Bronze Duelist Coin
  1. Silver Duelist Coin
  2. Gold Duelist Coin

The Duelist

  • Duelist Mall
Gold 10k Gold = 1,000 PC


Making items at NPCs
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