Curse is a special feature in ExperienceRO that curses a chosen online player with a random selected curse.

NPC Location: The NPC that curses players is the Witch in Moonhaven (@jump 235 235).

Price: Each attempt costs 1,000 Platinum Coins (raw, not boxed).

Rate: The success rate of inflicting curses is at 10%. She will take your platinum coins regardless of whether or not the curse was a success.

Duration: Each curse lasts for 15 minutes.

The Witch will ask you which player you want to curse. The player must be online for it to work.

Curses can be cured using Mitridatium.

When a curse has been successfully placed, there will be a server wide annoucement like the following:

'Petra' has been cursed with Curse - Elements!
However, the name of the player who placed the curse will not be revealed.

List of curses:

  • Elements: +10% damage from all elements
  • Status: +20% damage from demi-human monsters
  • Form: +20% damage from big, medium & small monsters
  • Life: -350% Max HP
  • Mind: -250% Max SP
  • Cast: +30% After-Cast Delay
  • Meek: -30% ATK, -30% MATK
  • Hit: -30% Hit, -30% Seeking
  • Flee: -30% Flee


Witch: I can make someone miserable by cursing them! *grins*

Player: Really?

Witch: Yes, however success rate is only 10% and of course, a small fee of 1000x Platinum Coins. Hahaha!

Witch: I can make that person weaker in so many ways, lesser health, slower cast, lower attack power, etc., for 15 minutes!

Player: Hmmm...

Witch: I'll be here if you ever need me.

Witch: So Player... What say you?

  • Player: I want that...
    • Witch: Who do you want to curse? (Case sensitive)
    • Player: [Input text box] Petra
    • Witch: Let me see... Hmmm...
    • Name: Petra   Status: ONLINE
    • Witch: Let's do it!
    • Witch: Petra is still ONLINE. Proceed?
      • Player: Yes!!
      • Player: Sorry, I got the wrong guy!
      • Player: Cancel
  • Player: Nevermind


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