(Not to be confused with Bloody Branch)

A Dead Branch Dead Branch is a usable item that summons a random non-MVP monsters from a list of 463 pre-renwal monsters. Branches can only be used in the Branch Room (@jump 236 194).

Dead Branch can summon mini-bosses.

Dead Branch cannot summon renewal monsters as ExperienceRO is pre-renewal.

Dead Branch is best farmed from Nine Tail in pay_fild11 and pay_dun02. It's suggested that players also autoloot Nine Tails nine tails (Item ID: 1022) which is an ingredient in making Foxy Tail.

In ExperienceRO, Dead Branch is mostly used for summoning Hardrock Mammoth for its Hard Skin Hard Skin which is used in Justin quests. It is also commonly used to summon monsters for cards such as Aqua Elemental Card, Mutant Dragonoid Card, and Maya Purple Card.

Apart from Hard Skin, there are other headgear ingredients that can be dropped by monsters that are summoned by Dead Branch.


Any well-geared character can survive monsters summoned by dead branches. However, some monsters can strip armor. This shouldn't be much of an issue if a player has a complete path set or an Elite Set. Still, it is recommended to have 100% resistance to the Neutral property and 100 MDEF.

Monsters may inflict some ailment statuses on players. Most statuses can by cured by using Royal Jelly Royal Jelly or Panacea Panacea. Yggdrasil Berry Yggdrasil Berrycan fully restore HP and SP in the Branch Room (moonhaven 236 194).

Professors can use the Abracadabra skill to tame the Santa Goblin that is summoned by dead branch, unlike the Santa Goblin that is summoned by Stormy Knight (see Pet System).

If you summon too many monsters at a time, they can all gang up on you until it will be too difficult for you to use skills or you won't be able to use them at all. In this scenario, it can come in handy to utilize splash damage from Baphomet Card or a Collector path's lower headgear (Blessed Wings of Plentiful, Glory of a Collector, Pride of a Collector; see Collector Path Set).

Dead Branch Summon List

See full list on RMS.

Suggestion: Use the @alootid + command or the @aloottype+ card command before summoning monsters in order to automatically loot certain items.

Monster Name Notable Item(s) Item ID Note(s)
Dead Branch Dead Branch 604 Various monsters
Old Card Album Old Card Album 616 Various monsters
Gold Gold 969 Various monsters
Cookie Darkgreen Dyestuffs Darkgreen Dyestuffs 979 Justin Headgear Requirement
Deviling Black Dyestuffs Black Dyestuffs 983 Justin Headgear Requirement
Maya Purple
Maya Purple Card Maya Purple Card 4198 10.00% drop rate
Mutant Dragonoid
Mutant Dragonoid Card Mutant Dragonoid Card 4203 10.00% drop rate
Iron Fist
Iron Fist Card Iron Fist Card 4239 Leveling at jupe_core
Ancient Worm
Ancient Worm Card Ancient Worm Card 4249 Leveling at Playground Kid
Ogretooth Card Ogretooth Card 4254 10.00% drop rate
Aqua Elemental
Aqua Elemental Card Aqua Elemental Card 4443 +20% water resistance
Draco Card Draco Card 4444 +20% earth resistance
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow Card Dark Shadow Card 4449 +20% shadow/dark resistance
Hardrock Mammoth
Hardrock Mammoth Hard Skin Hard Skin 6022 Justin Headgear Requirement
Executioner Bloody Edge Bloody Edge 7024 Justin Headgear Requirement
Gryphon Talon of Griffon Talon of Griffon 7048 Collector Quest Item
Dolor of Thanatos
Dolor of Thanatos Fragment of Agony Fragment of Agony 7436 Justin Headgear Requirement
Maero of Thanatos
Maero of Thanatos Fragment of Misery Fragment of Misery 7437 Justin Headgear Requirement
Odium of Thanatos
Odium of Thanatos Fragment of Hatred Fragment of Hatred 7438 Justin Headgear Requirement
Despero of Thanatos
Despero of Thanatos Fragment of Despair Fragment of Despair 7439 Justin Headgear Requirement
Hydrolancer Three-Headed Dragon's Head Three-Headed Dragon's Head 7443 Collector Quest Item
Cobalt Mineral
Cobalt Mineral Elemental Sword Elemental Sword 13414

(Mini bosses)

Pandora's Headgears Pandora's Headgears 26000 Collector Set bonus