The Disguise Event NPC will shape-shift into a random monster. The first player to guess the name of the monster out loud correctly will win a prize.

Disguise Event in ExperienceRO lasts for 30 rounds and approximately 6-7 minutes.

The event is automatically started in Moonhaven in even hours, and in Vanadis in odd hours, server time.

  • Frequency: Daily
  • Time Slots:
    • Moonhaven: Every even hour (12:00 am/pm, 2:00 am/pm, 4:00 am/pm, 6:00 am/pm, 8:00 am/pm, 10:00 am/pm)
    • Vanadis: Every odd hour (1:00 am/pm, 3:00 am/pm, 5:00 am/pm, 7:00 am/pm, 9:00 am/pm, 11:00 am/pm)
  • Rounds: 30 rounds
  • Rewards (random per round):

Note: There are some disguises which are based on event mobs and not regular mobs.