Double Cast (Alt: Double Bolt) is a Transcendent 2nd class active skill available as Professor.

This skill grants the skills Cold BoltFire Bolt or Lightening Bolt the chance of being dual-cast temporarily.

The Cast Time of this skill cannot be reduced by DEX. Instead, players can equip Berzebub Cards to their accessories.

Double Cast gives the caster a Doublecasting buff which lasts 90 seconds (this buff is shown on the side of the screen as "Magic×Magic"). While active, all bolt spells have a chance of being cast instantly a second time immediately after the first bolt lands (skill level determines the chance). This skill affects Fire BoltCold Bolt and Lightning Bolt, but not Earth Spike. [1]


  • Double Cast's cast time cannot be reduced by DEX, however, Poem of Bragi and Memorize do.
  • Despite being triggered by CapriceEarth Spike is not a bolt skill and is unaffected by Double Cast.
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