Dyestuffs are used to make headgear at Justin. There is a total of 8 colors of dyestuffs. The headgear usually require 10-60 of a number of dyestuffs as ingredients.

All dyestuffs can be obtained from Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box, and Gift Box (which can be easily farmed using a Collector Set). Black Dyestuffs is dropped by Deviling (100.00%), while Darkgreen Dyestuffs is dropped by Cookie (100.00%).

Dyestuff ID Source
Black Dyestuffs.gif
Black Dyestuffs 983 Deviling (100.00%)

Gift Box

Cobaltblue Dyestuffs.gif
Cobaltblue Dyestuffs 978 Gift Box
Darkgreen Dyestuffs.gif
Darkgreen Dyestuffs 979 Cookie (100.00%)

Gift Box

Lemon Dyestuffs.gif
Lemon Dyestuffs 976 Gift Box
Orange Dyestuffs.gif
Orange Dyestuffs 980 Gift Box
Scarlet Dyestuffs.gif
Scarlet Dyestuffs 975 Gift Box
Violet Dyestuffs.gif
Violet Dyestuffs 981 Gift Box
White Dyestuffs.gif
White Dyestuffs 982 Gift Box
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