Eclage Dungeon is a farming dungeon with three levels.

It is newbie-friendly, meaning certain items are disabled. Click here to see the list of restricted items.

Q) How do I get to Eclage Dungeon?

Scroll down this page or click here.

Soul Taker

Q) Do I have to summon Soul Taker?

No, he is automatically spawned in the first and second levels of Eclage Dungeon.

Q) How do I kill Soul Taker?

You need to have:

  • 100% Neutral resistance (Raydric Card and Tatacho Card)
  • 100 MDEF (Gibbet, Goat, Megalith)
  • Full Chemical Protection (enabled with Elite Glasses)

If you're a melee class (Star Gladiator, SinX, etc), you will die due to reflect. Use a ranged char if you want to get Lost Soul.

Q) How to get Lost Soul?

  • Use a ranged (Sniper or Gunslinger) or magic char (Professor or High Wizard)
  • Use Bubble Gum (buy from mall [@whosell bubble gum] or Lucky Me)

Q) Can Lost Soul be traded or stored?

It can't be traded with other accounts but it can be stored in @storage


WARNING: Your character will be locked out of Eclage Dungeon after it kills the chapter version of Firefox 7 times.

Q) Where is Firefox?

She is in the third level. To reach her, you have to:

  1. Submit Lost Soul
  2. Submit these to the General: 1500 Witched Starsand, 3 Ashes of Darkness, 1 Big Magic Defense Potion

Q) Do I have to summon Firefox?

  • For the Storyline quest, yes.
  • There is also an automatic spawned version, but it is not the chapter version.

Q) How to summon Firefox?

It is estimated that 400-600 mobs in that map should be killed before she gets summoned.

Q) Can I use another char to summon her?

Yes. It can be one char or many chars. It doesn't even have to be the char that you want to use to kill her.

Q) How to resist Firefox?

Getting to Eclage Dungeon

There is a portal in the third level of Eden Dungeon that will take to you Bastion, where you must walk to the right and talk to the Soldier in order for him to warp you to Eclage Dungeon.

Visit the Eden Dungeon page for instructions on how to get to Bastion. Then, visit the Bastion page to know how to get to Eclage Dungeon.

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