Eden Dungeon is a farming dungeon with three levels. Ignore the first two floors (loots aren't good) and go to the third to farm.

It is newbie-friendly, meaning certain items are disabled. Click here to see the list of restricted items.

Q) How do I get to Eden Dungeon?

  1. Level up to 800/250
  2. Go to @jump 185 210
  3. Bring the items General asks for.
  4. Choose your path from Sophia.
  5. Talk to Sophia again (this will give you access to the dungeon)
  6. Portal to the dungeon is by @jump 240 130

Click here to copy @jump 240 130

Q) Can I warp there?

No, just take the portal.

Q) How to go to the next floor/level?

Click this: Finding Your Way

Q) Are there only three levels?

After the third level, you can go to a 'secret' portal which will lead to Eclage Dungeon.

Q) Why do I barely hit the mobs?

  • You need 100% Neutral resistance and 100 MDEF. You will get hurt if you have less than that.

Also, get something that ignores their MDEF, like...

Q) Why do they hit me?

  • Resistance and/or MDEF are not enough. 100% Neutral res and 100 MDEF should be okay.
  • Do not mix path sets with elite. Either go full path or full elite (full=armor, shield, manteau, boots)

Q) What do I do with...?

Item Usage
Gold Coin
Gold Coins Nothing. No value.
Gold Make items at NPCs or sell to players (10k gold=600-700 PC)
Mithril Coin
Mithril Coins Use in Lucky Me or trade to Platinum Coins
Platinum Coin
Platinum Coins Main currency
Refine deeds Refine armor and equipment at the Refine Master (@jump 150 210)
Pandora's Headgears
Pandora's Headgears Gives custom headgears, and rarely, Pandora's Precious.
Rough/Enriched Oridecon Nothing
Rough/Enriched Elunium Nothing


To survive the mobs in Eden Dungeon, you will need 100 MDEF and 100% Neutral resistance.

Nidhoggr's Revenge

To survive Nidhoggr's Revenge, you will need 100 MDEF and 100% Water and Fire resistances. Also, use Full Chemical Protection at all times (this applies to all custom MvPs).

Finding Your Way

Make sure to have /effects on before entering the map in order to be able to see the portal effects. The portal to Eden Dungeon is by moonhaven 240 130

Level 1 to Level 2

Follow the yellow star marked on the upper-left side of the map to the portal that will take you to [Lv:2].

Eden dun01 01
Eden dun01 02

Level 2 to Level 3

The portal to Level 3 is at the upper-middle area of the map.

Eden dun02 01
Eden dun02 02

Level 3 to Bastion

There is a 'secret' portal in the bottom half of the map. This portal will take you to Bastion, where you can talk to a Solider that will warp you to Eclage Dungeon.

Eden dun03 01
Eden dun03 02