Eitr is a poisonous charm that is automatically obtained after talking to the Spirit in Vanadis Dungeon [Lv:1].

It is character bound and is not deletable.

You can get rid of it using Mitridatium or keeping your character logged in and waiting for 8 hours (does not have to be consecutive). If it still stays in your inventory, kill a monster then talk to the Chief (@jump 135 75) in Vanadis.

WARNING: Attempting to fill your inventory with items in attempt to trick the Spirit into avoiding handing you Eitr will cause all totems to be deactived!


  • -25% Max HP
  • -25% HARD DEF
  • -25% SOFT DEF
  • -25% HARD MDEF
  • -25% SOFT MDEF
  • -25% Water Resist
  • -25% Movement Speed
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