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*[[Hourly Rewards System]] (3 ET per 30-60 mins)
*[[Hourly Rewards System]] (3 ET per 30-60 mins)
*[[Disguise Event]] (2 ET random)
*[[Disguise Event]] (2 ET random)

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Event Token (ET) is a custom currency used in ExperienceRO and are obtained from Events.

They are mostly used at the Event Genie. They can also be used to purchase path headgear (spirits, prides, and grandeurs) from Path Keepers.

Some player vending stalls at the Mall also trade in ET.

Events from which ETs can be won are:

  • Dice (15 ETs per winner)
  • Poring Catcher (13 ET)
  • Jumper Event (5 ET per round)
  • Find the Mushroom (5 ET per round)
  • Hourly Rewards System (3 ET per 30-60 mins)
  • Disguise Event (2 ET random)