Exceed Break places a buff on the user that strengthens physical damage on the next normal attack.

The user is able to move while casting this skill, but their Movement Speed will be decreased.

The damage is greatly affected by the weight and level of the equipped weapon.[1]

Level Base Damage (ATK) Cast Time (Var) MSPD Decrease SP Cost
1 100% 5.0s 50% 24
2 200% 5.5s 40% 28
3 300% 6.0s 30% 32
4 400% 6.5s 20% 36
5 500% 7.0s 10% 40
Damage (ATK): [{Base_Damage + (JobLv × 10)} + (Weapon_Weight × Weapon_Level) × (BaseLv ÷ 100)]%


  • As this skill increases the damage of a normal attack, this stacks with Critical Damage, and will also work with Double Attack if it triggers.
  • Martyr's Reckoning has higher priority over this skill. If both are active, the first 5 attacks will be from Martyr's Reckoning, and the sixth attack will be from this skill.
  • Movement Speed decrease only occurs when casting this skill. It will return to normal when the player finishes casting.
  • Using skills will not remove this buff.
  • If the next normal attack misses, the effect will still be consumed.
  • If the user changes weapons, this skill will be canceled.
  • This buff cannot be dispelled.
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