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The Firefox Rings set comprises of two rings: True Ring of Stewardship and True Ring of Visibility. The rings are both dropped by Firefox (3.00%) and Cursed Firefox (6.00%).

Players can use Bubble Gum or HE Bubble Gum to increase chances of obtaining items.

True Ring of Stewardship

"A rare ring of Stewardship."

  • +40 to all Stats.
  • Enables Level 10 Pushcart
  • Enables Level 10 Increase Weight Limit
  • Skill: Level 1 Change Cart
  • MDEF +8
  • DEF +3

If worn with 'True Ring of Visibility':

  • +5% damage to Demi-Human monsters.
  • +5% damage to Boss monsters.

Note: The Pushcart skill alone isn't enough to open a vending shop. This requires the Vending skill itself.

True Ring of Visibility

"A rare ring of Visibility."

  • +40 to all Stats
  • Enables Level 1 Falcon Mastery
  • Enables Level 2 Detecting
  • MDEF +8
  • DEF +3

If worn with 'True Ring of Stewardship':

  • +5% damage to Demi-Human Monsters.
  • +5% damage to Boss monsters.