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Path Set

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MvP/PvP/WoE; size resist

Training Approach

Guardian trains by killing/defeating dragon/demon type MvPs. The monsters' races have to be either dragon or demon. They have to be MvPs and not mini bosses nor regular monsters.

Every kill will reward you a random 12-30 points. You can use Approvals to double the path points that you earn for three days.

Dragon and Demon MvPs can be found in Bossnia, the MvP room. They can also be summoned using Bloody Branches in the Branch Room.



Arturia Pendragon: Moonhaven (@jump 172 127). Do note that you'll only start getting your respective Path points after talking to your Path's Mentor.


Seals are ingredients used to make items at the Guardian Keeper.

You will get either a Seal of Sacrifice or a Seal of Bravery at every 5,000 points (at a 50/50 chance). The Seals also correspond to the number of Seals you have in your inventory. Let's say you're at 10,000 points, but you have 2 Seals in your inventory somehow, your next Seal will only be given to you at 15,000 points.


Guardian Keeper (moonhaven 258 200)


You will receive your pinnacle at 70,000 'Guardian' points.

Dragon and Demon MvPs

View full list of Bloody Branch monsters with notable drops.

See Bossnia (MvP Room) for a list of Bossnia monsters with monster location, race and notable drops.

Monster Name Monster ID Race Notable Drop(s)
Detardeurus (Detale) 1719 Dragon Fire Dragon Scale.gif Fire Dragon Scale (Collector Quest Item) (100.00%)
Nidhoggr's Shadow 2022 Dragon
Nidhoggr's Revenge 3526 Dragon Gavriil's Ring.gif Gavriil's Ring (50.00%)

Weapon Chest.gif Weapon Chest (3.00%)

Cursed Nidhoggr 3569 Dragon Gavriil's Ring.gif Gavriil's Ring (100.00%)

Weapon Chest.gif Weapon Chest (6.00%)
Card.gif Water Charm (1.00%)
Card.gif Fire Charm (1.00%)

Deviling 1582 Demon Black Dyestuffs.gif Black Dyestuffs (Justin Quest Requirement) (100.00%)
Fallen Bishop 1871 Demon Card.gif Fallen Bishop Hibram Card (10.00%)
Tao Gunka 1583 Demon Gemstone.gif Gemstone (Collector Quest Item) (100.00%)

Card.gif Tao Gunka Card (10.00%)

Ghostring 1120 Demon Card.gif Ghostring Card (10.00%)
Lord of Death 1373 Demon Piece of Shield.gif Piece of Shield (Collector Quest Item) (100.00%)
Memory of Thanatos 1708 Demon Skeletal Armor Piece.gif Skeletal Armor Piece (Collector Quest Item) (100.00%)
Card.gif Memory of Thanatos Card (10.00%)
Beelzebub 1873 Demon Card.gif Berzebub Card (10.00%)
Baphomet 1039 Demon
Dark Lord 1272 Demon
Doppelganger 1046 Demon
Dracula 1389 Demon
Moonlight Flower 1150 Demon