Riley Rabbit's Guide

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Leveling Up

Create a character. Don't select a hairstyle from character creation or it can crash your client, but you can do it later (at the Stylist).

Select EP1 then keep pressing enter. Welcome to Moonhaven! (@go 0)

Walk a little to the right. Jacque will give you a Basic Set.
Press enter, enter, enter... Alt+E to open your inventory and wear all the items. Use a Battle Manual.
Use the Healer Go level in @warp prt_maze03 Reach Job Level 10 then come back to @go 0

Job Recommendations

Choose your job. These are the recommendations:

  • Star Gladiator (Taekwon) = Best for farming Gold (Get rich, baby Money)
  • Gunslinger = Amazing MVPers
  • Sniper (Archer>Hunter) OR Professor (Magician>Sage) = Mix of farming and MVPing
Leveling room is Playground Kid (right side of town) in @jump 258 183

You don't need to autoloot anything ūüėč

Type @allskills so that all skills that can be maxed... ...will get maxed Fsh
Job Level
Job Change
Kick some ass until your job level reaches 50 Go back to town by walking out the portal or relogging/reconnecting.

(Escape > Character Select)

Choose your next job and when you reach the final job, max it to 800/250
After maxed, go @jump 185 210 The Royal Guard will warp you to the General He will ask you to bring three items

You can find those items in our MVP room "Bossnia"

Preparing for Bossnia (MVP Room)

You will need to get these items:

Item Name Item ID Monster Monster Location
Skeletal Armor Piece Skeletal Armor Piece 7450 Memory of Thanatos Bossnia [Lv:3, 4]
Fire Dragon Scale Fire Dragon Scale 7451 Detardeurus (Detale) Bossnia [Lv:3]
Will of Red Darkness Will of Red Darkness 7566 Gloom Under Night Bossnia [Lv:3]

But first, you need to have 100% Neutral resistance and 100 MDEF to survive there. These are the cards you will need:

Neutral Resistance Cards:

MDEF Cards:

Status Immunity/Prevention:

Where Is
Type @aloottype +card

This will autoloot all cards

Use @whereis and the chat will tell you the locations Use @warp to go to where you need
You can use @jump to jump to random coords on the map To get Tatacho Cards:

Warper > Fields > Manuk Fields > Manuk Field 3

Buy whatever weapons and ammunition you need from the mall (left side of town)

Q) Why can't I buy from vendors? I have enough zeny.


We use custom currencies instead of zeny. You can see the currency that a stall uses on the left side of the store title.

Guide26 Street Dealer
After you have all cards, double-click them and equip them to your set You can use the Wise Old Woman to remove cards You will need Star Crumb and Yellow Gemstone from the Street Dealer
Guide29 Stats-0
Guide30 Eleresist-0
Open stat window (Alt+A)

MDEF (left side) should be 100

Use stat commands to add stats, like this: /str+ 250

You can only max one stat at a time.

Type @eleresist to check your elemental resistances. Neutral should be at least 100%

Basic stat builds:

  • Star Gladiator: Max STR, rest to LUK
  • Gunslinger or Sniper: Max DEX, rest to VIT
  • Professor or High Wizard: Enough INT to reach the limit (65k) but don't pass it or it will reset! Then rest to VIT

You are now ready for Bossnia! Go go go!

Questing in Bossnia

Guide31 Bossnia Soldier
Level 1
Level 2 Soldier
The Bossnia Soldier is on the right side of town

(@jump 258 186)

Type this to go to level 2:

/navi bossnia_01 152/115

Then follow the arrows!

When you reach, click the Level 2 soldier to go to the next level
To Level 3
Item Name Item ID Monster Monster Location
Skeletal Armor PieceSkeletal Armor Piece 7450 Memory of Thanatos Bossnia [Lv:3, 4]
Fire Dragon Scale Fire Dragon Scale 7451 Detardeurus (Detale) Bossnia [Lv:3]
Will of Red DarknessWill of Red Darkness 7566 Gloom Under Night Bossnia [Lv:3]
To go to Level 3:

/navi bossnia_02 64/78

Autoloot the items like this:

@alootid +7450

@alootid +7451

@alootid +7566

After you're done gathering all three items, relog to head back to town
Level 4

To go to Level 4: /navi bossnia_03 84/51

The navigation to Bossnia level 4 will lead you to stand on a cliff. Zoom out until you see a floating rock in front of you. Hover over the bottom of the rock and you will see that it is clickable and says "Level 4". You will be asked "There's a hidden lever. Pull?" Selecting "Pull" will warp you to Bossnia level 4.

Your First Quest!

Next to Him
Professional Set
Choose a Path
Go to @jump 185 210

General won't talk to you.

You have to walk around him ūüôĄ

He will give you a Professional Set.

Remove your cards (Wise Old Woman NPC) from the Basic Set and put them in the blue Professional Set instead.

Click on Sophia. Choose a Path.

You can't change it later!

The Path System

A path is a way of life. Each path has its own set. Guardian and Collector are recommended for new players!

Path Set Bonus Suitable Environment(s) Training Method Recommended Job(s)
The One Path (TO) Elemental Resistance PvP; WoE Killing monsters in TO dungeon Any PvP char? (Assassin, LK, IDK)
Hero Path Demi-Human Resistance (Capped at 85%) PvP Killing Demi-Human monsters in the Hero Dungeon

Killing players (like in Kage)

Any PvP char? (Assassin, LK, I Don't Know)
Guardian Path ‚ėÖ Size Resist PvP; MVP Killing MVPs of the dragon or demon race Gunslinger
Collector Path ‚ėÖ ATK/MATK + Boss balance Farming Collecting and submitting quest items Star Gladiator



Divergent Path FLEE PvP Fleeing in mazes Assassin Cross



After you choose your path, talk to your mentor. This is the NPC that will give you your quests/missions/points and/or warp you to your training ground. Click on your path below for guides on how to play them!

Path Path Mentor Mentor Location
The One Kenshin Himura Moonhaven (@jump 275 85)
Hero Hiei Moonhaven (@jump 180 66)
Guardian Arturia Pendragon Moonhaven (@jump 172 127)
Collector Liliruca Arde Moonhaven (@jump 162 262)
Divergent Lucina Moonhaven (@jump 295 135)


Q) Why am I doing these quests?

To earn points!

Q) What can I do with the points?

Buy equipment!

Q) From where?!

From your Path Keeper (click the link!) BUT!! Don't spend any points until after you reach your pinnacle!

Q) What's a Pinnacle?

When you reach a certain number of points, you will reach your pinnacle, meaning you will get a box called "Odin's Blessing". Open it and it will give you a charm that gives +50 to ALL STATS! BUT if you spend any points, you'll have to earn them again.

Q) So then how to get path equips?

Make money then buy them from players!

Q) When will I get my pinnacle on my path?

Path Points for Pinnacle
The One 100,000
Hero 7,000
Guardian 70,000
Collector 8,000
Divergent 20,000,000

Q) Waaah that's a lot of points! Sob I will never reach it! It's impossible!

No! You can do it! Read the guides and believe in yourself, young grasshopper!

Q) Is there a way I can get points faster?

Yep! Use an Approval!

Q) What's an Approval?

It's an item that will double the path points that you earn for three days!

Q) How do I get one?

  • Buy them from the mall (@whosell approval of a guardian, @whosell 26107, etc)
  • Ask players (use #map)
  • Hunt them yourself from the Forgotten Temple (you need 100% neutral + fire res, and 100 MDEF)


We have a Storyline which is loaded with quests that involve killing custom monsters, bosses, and MVPs and collecting items! Chapters are sets of related quests. There are seven chapters so far.

To get your first storyline quest, talk to Sophia after choosing your Path.

She will tell you that you need to kill a dragon (Nidhoggr's Revenge) in a dungeon (Eden Dungeon). BUT! I hiiighly recommend you to get a Pinnacle/Odin's Blessing BEFORE you start the Storyline.

Q) Why pinnacle before chapters?

Because if you end up getting an Odin's Blessing that you are not happy with, you might want to make a new char to try again. So do that first so that you don't waste time doing chapters on a character you will delete/not use.

Q) I want to do the chapters now. Let me slay that dragon!

Melee characters like Assassin Cross and Star Gladiator can easily die from reflect so I suggest you use ranged or magic chars to do the chapters.

You will need Full Chemical Protection (FCP) at all times. Elite Glasses or paths' middle headgear give this. You need Glistening Coats to use FCP. Buy them from the Alchemist Dealer.

Chapter Monster Type Suggested Build Notes
Chapter 1 Nidhoggr's Revenge Dragon MVP 100 MDEF

100% Water + Fire res

Check MDEF and resistances without rings.

Always use FCP.

Ghost until 20-25% HP. Then transforms into Poison.

Chapter 2 Soul Taker Boss (But not Chapter MVP) 100 MDEF

100% Neutral res

Check MDEF and resistances without rings.

Always use FCP.

Chapter 2 Firefox Undead Demi-Human MVP 100 MDEF

100% Neutral + Fire res

Check MDEF and resistances without rings.

Always use FCP.

Undead until 20-25% HP. Then transforms into Holy.

Chapter 3 Valaris Demi-Human MVP 100% Neutral res


No need MDEF (?)

Cloak > attack > cloak > attack

Chapter 4 Shell King Big juicy krabby patty Ghost MVP HALP Cloak > attack > cloak > attack


Farming (Making Money Money)

Farming Zones:

  • Eden Dungeon (100 MDEF, 100% neutral res) | Go @jump 240 130 > Enter the portal > Go to the third floor)
  • Eclage Dungeon (100 MDEF, 100% neutral res) | Found after Eden Dungeon
  • Forgotten Temple (100 MDEF, 100% neutral + fire res) | Ask Petra (@jump 270 175)

Farm as much gold, mithril coins, and platinum coins as you can. Gold Coins are nothing. Dun need em.

Get Event Tokens by participating in Events. These are used in the Event Genie, at the mall, and at the Path Keepers (Spirit, Pride, Grandeur).

Currency Value by Conversion
Mithril Coin Mithril Coin 1 PC = 8 MC
Event Token Event Token 1 ET = 4-5 PC
Donation Credit Donation Credit 1 DC = 700-1000 PC
King Token King Token 1 KT = 1k PC
Gold Gold 10k gold = 600 PC
PvP Token PvP Token 1 PvP Token = 200-300 PC
WoE Token WoE Token 1 WoE Token = 200-300 PC
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