Note: In ExperienceRO, all weapons and equipment have 4 slots (even if they don't show the slots), except for shields which have 2 slots.

Guns is an NPC in the right side of the mall in Moonhaven. He sells guns.

The classes of guns sold are:

  • Revolver
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Gatling Gun
  • Grenade Launcher

Ammunition (bullets) can be purchased at the Ammunition NPC from the mall.

Gun Class Description Attack Price
Crimson Bolt
Crimson Bolt Revolver A bloody red revolver that is rumored to be cursed.

HIT -10

100 60,000 z
Garrison Revolver A rare revolver that is only produced when it is specially ordered.

The engraving of its creator's name can be used by experts to authenticate this gun.

HIT -10

70 100,000 z
Gold Lux
Gold Lux Revolver A decorative, beautiful golden revolver that commands attention.

HIT -10

Enables a low chance of auto cast Coin Flip with each attack.

Coin Flip's level will be equal to the Coin Flip skill level that the user has learned

20 200,00 z
Six Shooter
Six Shooter Revolver A six chambered revolver that is the most basic weapon for Gunslingers

HIT -10

30 10,000 z
Branch Rifle A practical firearm with a long gun barrel which increases its range and accuracy. 50 6,000 z
Cyclone Rifle A high performance rifle whose shots have long range and great power.

HIT +10, CRIT +10

120 30,000 z
Dusk Rifle An advanced rifle with reinforced explosive power. Just as the dusk marks the day's end, this gun also draws life to a close.

HIT +10, CRIT +10

150 50,000 z
Black Rose
Black Rose Shotgun A dark, stylish shotgun that has been modified so that it rapidly fires bullets from two muzzles to maximize it power.

Inflicts splashed damage.

180 60,000 z
Gate Keeper
Gate Keeper Shotgun As the most powerful, readily available shotgun, this weapon has been nicknamed, ''A Gunslinger's best friend''.

Each attack inflicts splashed damage

Has a low chance of casting Spread Shot [Lv:6]

210 100,000 z
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone Shotgun A heavy shotgun whose shots sound like flint striking against steel.

Inflicts splashed damage.

135 30,000 z
Butcher Gatling Gun A Gatling Gun imbued with enormous destructive power.

Adds +10 Critical against Brute monsters.

75 250,000 z
Drifter Gatling Gun A Gatling Gun whose name evokes the image of a lonely traveler. 50 150,000 z
Destroyer Grenade Launcher A top of the line, high performance grenade launcher.

Each short ranged physical attack has a low chance of destroying an enemy's armor.

220 300,000 z
Inferno Grenade Launcher A grenade launcher that propels bullets with blazing hellfire. 280 500,000 z
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