Halloween is an annual event in ExperienceRO.


Start: October 26th

End: November 11th

Location: Starts with "Mysterious Man" @warp niflheim

  • Mysterious Man changes his location on the map every hour or so



Your goal is to collect as many Halloween Tickets as possible.

Every 50x Halloween Tickets you may exchange them for 1x Halloween Box when you leave the map which, upon opening them, will reward you with 1 random Halloween Headgear.

Redeem: At the exit portal on the right side of the map


Collect Halloween Signs from Mangkukulam

Monsters & Drops

Monster Drop(s)
Manananggal (ID: 3620) Halloween Ticket (10%)

Mithril Coin (10%)

Platinum Coin (10%)

Wakwak (ID: 3621) Halloween Ticket (10%)

Mithril Coin (10%)

Platinum Coin (10%)

Mangkukulam (MvP) (ID: 3622) MvP Reward: Halloween Ticket (100%), Halloween Ticket (100%), Halloween Ticket (100%)

Normal Drops: Sign of Nature (1%), Sign of Hatred (1%), Sign of Growth (1%), Sign of Agility (1%), Sign of Accuracy (1%), Sign of a Hunter (1%), Sign of Recovery (1%)

Halloween Ticket (100%), Halloween Ticket (100%), Halloween Box (100%)


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Event Prizes

View here: Halloween Headgear
Event Prizes (Halloween)

Bonus Rewards


Be the FIRST to collect all 11x Headgears below:

View here: Halloween Headgear

Halloween Event Prizes02


Drop Jacque a personal message via Discord. Then deal her the Headgears in game (just to validate) and you'll walk away with...

  • 10,000x Event Tokens
  • 1x Platinum Coin 30,000 Box
  • 1x Gold 30,000 Box
  • 1x Gemstone G10 of choice!

Happy Halloween!!!

2016 & 2017


Start: October 23rd, Monday (00:00 am GMT+8)

Original End: October 30th, Monday (11:59 pm GMT+8).

Extended End: October 31st, Monday (11:59 pm GMT+8).


Start: 31st October 2016, Monday (00:00 am GMT+8)

End: November 6th, Sunday (11:59 pm GMT+8)


Talk to Nikolas (@warp niflheim 200 185)

He will warp you to a map filled with Gold Porings and Hollow Porings.

Kill them and collect Halloween Tickets Halloween Ticket which you can use to redeem a Halloween Box.

You'll have a chance to get one (1) of the Halloween-themed headgears from the Box.


Map Wipe

Note that there is an automatic monster clearance in the map every 12 hours server time (00:00 am and pm).

This is because porings tend to get stuck in certain inaccessible areas, so this is to refresh the map so that porings can be respawned in other places.


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Activities in this event give the opportunity to earn special time-limited headgear sets, most of which can be obtained from Halloween Box (from Nikolas):

Halloween Sets