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Hardrock Mammoth is a Mini Boss (not MVP) that is found in Manuk Field [Lv:3]. It respawns every 4 hours after its death.

You cannot @warp to man_fild03. To access the map, follow these steps:

Warper NPC > Fields > Manuk Fields > Manuk Field 3

Hardrock Mammoth can also be summoned using Dead Branch Dead Branch because it is a mini boss and not an MvP.

It is not an MVP, so it does not leave a tomb. There is no way to know when he will respawn unless you know its time of death.

It is intensely hunted by players for its Hard Skin Hard Skin (100.00%) which is an ingredient in making headgear at Justin's. Hard Skin is usually sold in the markets for around 250 Platinum Coins (@whosell hard skin).

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