Helpers are a team of players whose job is to assist other players. The team has a guild in-game by the same name.

Some of the ways that Helpers can assist players are by:

  • Seeing Storyline progress with @storyline
  • Checking a character's path thanks to @path
  • Helping with events using @disguise

Current Helpers team:

Char Name Joined Title Role
Riley May 31st, 2018 President Manages the Helpers team
Silica May 31st, 2018 Vice President Marketing (Silica's Price Guide)
Jamie August 18th, 2018 Senate MVP help
Mila August 18th, 2018 Homeland Security MVP help

Inactive members:

Char Name Joined Inactive Since
Moya June 10th, 2018 July 2018
Experimental June 10th, 2018 July 2018
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