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Path Set

Main Article: Hero Set

PvP/WoE; focusing on demi-human resistance


Demi-Human resistance is capped at 85%.

Training Approach

Hero trains by killing/defeating mobs on the hero trials which is accessed via Path Mentor Hiei @ moonhaven 180 66

Q) How to counter Gangster / Hooligan / Mafia / The Boss? I can't find them in @mi.

  • @mi 3583
  • @mi 3584
  • @mi 3585
  • @mi 3586

Make use of damage and resistance against the Demi-Human race. Fire and Neutral resistances can help.


Hiei: Moonhaven (@jump 80 66). Do note that you'll only start getting your respective Path points after talking to your Path's Mentor.


Seals are ingredients used to make items at the Hero Keeper. Every kill will reward you 1 point. You will get either a Seal of Mastery or a Seal of Dominion at every 125 points (at a 50/50 chance). The Seals also correspond to the number of Seals you have in your inventory. Let's say you're at 250 points, but you have 2 Seals in your inventory somehow, your next Seal will only be given to you at 375 points.


Hero Keeper is found at the right side of moonhaven, where all the automated event NPCs are located.


Pinnacle: 7,000 'Hero' points.