Hiding conceals oneself to avoid enemies. Reveals oneself when using the skill again, when the duration ends or when the SP reaches zero.[1]

Level Duration SP Drain
1 30s 1 / 5s
2 60s 1 / 6s
3 90s 1 / 7s
4 120s 1 / 8s
5 150s 1 / 9s
6 180s 1 / 10s
7 210s 1 / 11s
8 240s 1 / 12s
9 270s 1 / 13s
10 300s 1 / 14s


  • Using this skill slightly after or immediately being hit will cause the skill to fail.
  • Insect, Demon and Boss Protocol monsters can detect hidden players.
  • The skills Sight and Ruwach, belonging to Super Novice, Mage, and Acolyte classes (and anyone else with a Horong carded accessory) can be used to reveal hidden players.
  • Unless the user also has the Rogue skill Stalk, this skill will render the user stationary.
  • Items cannot be used while this skill is in effect.
  • When affected by the Bleeding status, this skill is knocked off upon every HP drain.
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