An embryo is required to make a homunculus, and can only be done on alchemists and creators.

  1. Go to @warp alde_alche 35 185
  2. Talk to the Material Seller. Buy one of each: 'Glass Tube', 'Morning Dew', 'Seed of Life'
  3. Buy these from the Alchemist Dealer in Moonhaven @jump 173 178: 'Potion Creation Guide' and 'Medicine Bowl'
  4. Type @allskills
  5. Talk to the Platinum Skill NPC in Moonhaven @jump 227 196
  6. Alt+S > Pharmacy > Embryo > Call Homunculus
  7. You will get a random homunculus. Keep destroying and creating until you get the one you want.

To delete a homunculus:

  1. Right-click your homunculus
  2. View Status
  3. Next to Level, click 'del' (delete)
  4. Click OK to confirm.
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