(Not to be confused with the customized Hydro of Eden Dungeon)

Hydrolancer is a Mini Boss (not MvP) known for its Three-Headed Dragon's Head Three-Headed Dragon's Head(100.00%) which is a Collector Quest Item.

It is a classic RO monster and is not to be confused with ExperienceRO'S customized Hydro of Eden Dungeon.

Its highest spawn is in Endless Tower where is he has a 10-count spawn in Floor 79 and another 10 in Floor 86. Players can use Ashes of Darkness Ashes of Darkness to instantly teleport to Floor 75, after which most 'important' items can be found (Talon of GriffonTalon of Griffon and Bloody Edge Bloody Edge)


Hydrolancer Card
Item ID: 4384

Name: Hydrolancer Card

Description: Adds a high chance of autocasting Spell Breaker [Lv:1] each time the wearer dealing physical attacks.

Compounded On: Accessory

Drop Rate: 100.00%

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