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Instruments in an NPC in the right side of the mall in Moonhaven. He sells musical instruments, mostly guitars.

Item Description Attack Element Price
Violin The classical stringed instrument favored by Rocker, the grasshopper monster who'd rather play music than do actual work. 50 10,000 z
Mandolin A small, stringed instrument used in Baroque, Classical, country and folk music. 90 20,000 z
Lute A classical plucked string instrument that is incredibly difficult to tune and adjust. 105 24,500 z
Guitar A six stringed musical instrument that is played by plucking the strings with fingers or a pick. 142 50,000 z
Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar An electric guitar which amplifies its user's power.

INT +2, AGI +1

Enables use of Jupitel Thunder [Lv:1]

180 Wind 50,000 z
Burning Passion Guitar
Burning Passion Guitar A magically dazzling guitar that bewitches its user to play songs of passion once it's held in his hands. 110 Fire 50,000 z
Loner's Guitar
Loner's Guitar A guitar which makes a depressing sound when strummed, and is said to have been played by a bard who spend his entire life in complete loneliness. 110 Water 50,000 z
Green Acre Guitar
Green Acre Guitar According to rumor, this quaint guitar can be used to communicate with stones and even the very earth itself. 110 Earth 50,000 z
Gentle Breeze Guitar
Gentle Breeze Guitar A magical guitar which fills the one who plays it with a desire for traveling. 110 Wind 50,000 z
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