(Not to be confused with Job Master that advances you to your next job)

Job Changer is an NPC in Moonhaven (@jump 210 197).

He changes your job into a Novice if you'd like your character to be of another class.


  • (1) Platinum Coin 30000 Box
  • (2) Gold 30000 Box

30k boxes can be made at the Bulk Trader (@jump 205 197).

If you do not meet the price requirements yet still attempt to proceed with the job change, your character will die.


Job Changer:

"No more being stuck with a 'Job' you don't like anymore with all your hard work invested onto it!"
Job Changer:
"You heard me right the first time. Just a 'small' fee, I can make your 'dreams' come true!"
Job Changer:
"It's only:
1x Platinum Coin 30000 Box
3x Gold 30000 Box
What do you say?"
[Option 1] "Let's do it!"
[Option 2] "Uhh... I'll pass"

Option 1 - Let's do it

Job Changer:

"By choosing 'Yes', I'll change you back into a Novice."
Job Changer:
"You sure about this?"
[Option 1.1] "YES!!!"
[Option 1.2] "Uhhh... I'll pass."

Option 1.1 - YES!!!

[Scenario 1: Player meets price requirement] Changed back into a Novice.

[Broadcast]: "Job Changer: 'Player' has changed job into a Novice!"
[Scenario 2: Player doesn't meet price requirement] Player will die.

Option 1.2 - Uhhh... I'll pass

Job Changer:

"Hahaha... Just as I thought!"

Option 2 - Uhh... I'll pass

Job Changer:

"You'll be back, you'll see!"

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