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A Kiel D-01 Card Card (or Kiel-D-01 Card or simply Kiel Card) reduces after-cast delay of all skills by 25%. After-cast delay is the duration of time after a skill is cast in which other skills cannot be cast. This is different from variable cast time, which is the duration of time it takes to cast a skill (reduction using Berzebub Card or 850 DEX).

MvP Kiel D-01 drops this card at a 10.00% drop rate, just like the drop rate of all other MvP cards. Kiel D-01 can be found in Bossnia Dungeon [Lv:4] (MvP Room).

It would be wise to use Bubble Gum or HE Bubble Gum for a higher chance of obtaining this card.

Kiel D-01 Card Card can also be won at from Lucky Me.

Players usually sell Kiel cards at vendors in exchange for Event Tokens. To search for sellers, use either commands:

  • @whosell kiel-d-01 card
  • @whosell 4403
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