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Knuckle is an NPC at the right side of the mall in Moonhaven. She sells claws for Priests and Monks.

Item Description Attack Price
Waghnak A common, yet effective claw that's also known as the 'Tiger Fang.' 30 20,000 z
Knuckle Dusters
Knuckle Dusters A protective covering that shields the back of the hand and forearm, and has raised studs for offensive purposes. 50 50,000 z
Studded Knuckles
Studded Knuckles Silver, spiked knuckles with diamond studs that are usually worn by the best fighters in a tribe. 65 60,000 z
Fist A weapon made in the form of a human fist which effectively inflicts damage on enemies. 65 75,000 z
Claw A weapon made in the form of a human fist which effectively inflicts damage on enemies. 115 70,000 z
Finger Claws shaped like human fingers with long, sharp nails. 97 60,000 z
Kaiser Knuckle
Kaiser Knuckle A claw blessed by Zephyrus, god of the west wind.

Inflicts 5% additional damage on Undead monsters and 10% additional damage on Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind element monsters.

110 100,000 z
Berserk A claw imbued with the essence of madness.

ASPD +12%

120 100,000 z
Combo Battle Glove
Combo Battle Glove The magic words engraved on these gloves can grant incredible power to the Monk that wears them.

Increases damage of Triple Attack, Chain Combo, and Combo Finish by 15%

30 150,000 z
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