Lex Aeterna (Alt: Lex Aeterna) is a 2nd class active skill available as Priest and High Priest.


Lex Aterna weakens a single target so it can take double damage from the next incoming attack. Healing, misses, status effects and the retaliation from Shield Reflect do not trigger the effect.[1]


  • This skill is removed if the proceeding attack is blocked by Guard, Parry, or Kaupe, even if no damage was received.
  • If an offensive skill does multiple hits with individual damage each (Water Ball, Storm Gust, etc.), only the first hit will be affected by this skill. However, if these hits are in a damage bundle (Cold Bolt, Sonic Blow, etc. where a large yellow number shows the total damage), the whole damage will be affected by this skill.
  • Cannot be cast on a frozen or petrified target. It can however be cast during the first stage of Stone Curse, before the target becomes fully petrified.
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