Lord of Vermilion calls forth destructive bolts from the skies upon a targeted location that will inflict Wind property magic damage every second to all enemies within its area of effect. It has a chance of leaving enemies blind.[1]

Level Damage (MATK) Cast Time Chance of Effect SP Cost
1 100% 12.0s 4% 60
2 11.6s 8% 64
3 11.2s 12% 68
4 120% 10.8s 16% 72
5 140% 10.4s 20% 76
6 160% 10.0s 24% 80
7 200% 9.6s 28% 84
8 240% 9.2s 32% 88
9 280% 8.8s 36% 92
10 330% 8.4s 40% 96


  • The damage of each wave is inflicted in a bundle of 10 hits. This only affects the divisibility of their damage, which are rounded down.
  • This skill does not stack with other instances of this skill; two simultaneous instances in one location have no more effect than just one. This is important in WoE precasts. The reason for this is that anything hit by this skill is temporarily immune to the skill for one second. In this way it is similar to Storm Gust and Priest's Magnus Exorcismus.


  • This is one of the Wizard's three main area skills. As Wind property, it can do extensive damage to Water property or frozen enemies. This skill inflicts less damage than Storm Gust or Meteor Storm, but it inflicts consistent damage to all targets within the area (unlike Meteor Storm) and also has a good chance of inflicting the Blind status. The area is also considerably larger than Storm Gust, not counting its splash nature. Unlike Storm Gust, this skill does not hit a target unless it is in the caster's line of sight.
  • Unlike many other Wizard skills, this skill has lower cast time as its level increases. The chance to blind and damage also increases with level, but the number of sub-hits remain the same.
  • This skill is useful for hit-locking enemies during War of Emperium, making them have trouble moving from one cell to another.


Enhanced by

  • Hill Wind Card - Damage +5%
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