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Magnum Break produces a fire blast from the user to inflict Fire property physical damage to all enemies in a 5x5 area around the user and push them 2 cells backwards. This skill also adds 20% Neutral property damage to all attacks for 10 seconds. Each cast drains a small amount of HP.

Level Damage (ATK) HIT Bonus HP Cost
1 120% 10% 20
2 140% 20%
3 160% 30% 19
4 180% 40%
5 200% 50% 18
6 220% 60%
7 240% 70% 17
8 260% 80%
9 280% 90% 16
10 300% 100%


  • It is a common misconception that this skill endows weapons with the Fire property during its 10-second buff. In actuality, this skill adds damage: an additional 20% damage that is of Fire property is gained on top of all normal attacks for ten seconds (It means if the user has Neutral property attack for example, only this portion of bonus will be affect by the entity's property).
  • The Fire property damage bonus pierces defense. It is also calculated into every hit of this skill (this skill, when mastered, will inflict [250% + (20% × 250%)] = 300% physical damage, but 1/6th of that damage will be of Fire property that pierces defense).
  • Since some skills are pseudo-elemental, the 20% of Fire element bonus is pseudo-elemental too.


  • This skill is useful for pushing players out of Pneuma, as it position bugs them, unlike Bowling Bash or Brandish Spear, making it difficult for them to re-Pneuma. This is helpful for aiding party members with ranged attacks, or following up with an attack such as Clashing Spiral or Acid Bomb.
  • The 10-second buff is not an effective tool for bypassing Ghostring carded armor, even if the user's weapon is not Neutral property. Aspersio, scrolls, endows, Enchant Poison, or Cursed Water are far better methods.
  • Because statuses from cards or weapons can be transferred through this skill, it can be a mean of inflicting many players at once with statuses. While Brandish Spear has more range and thereby can inflict more people with statuses in precast lines, Mailbreakers and Swordbreakers can be used with this skill. Although, Bowling Bashcan also have more range when its "bowling" effect works.
  • Many Priests or other classes also use this skill in either PvP or WoE to inflict statuses, such as with a Wrench.
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