Mangkukulam is an MVP summoned during Halloween

After killing Mangukukulam, there is a chance that Amdarais will spawn.

Q) How to summon?

Kill a number of Manananggal and Wakwak


(3) Halloween Ticket (100.0%)

Halloween Charms (1.00% each)

Charm Effects
Sign of Nature +1% Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth resistances.
Sign of Hatred +5% damage to Demi-Human monsters.
Sign of Growth +10 to all Stats.
Sign of Agility FLEE +2%
Sign of Accuracy HIT +2%
Sign of a Hunter +15% damage to Boss monsters.
Sign of Recovery +1% chance gaining 20% of the physical damage dealt as HP.

MVP Prize(s)

(3) Halloween Ticket (100.0%)

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