The #map channel is a chat channel that is public and map-wide. When using #map, the message will be shown to the entire map. To use the #map channel, type #map in the whisper name box on the left, and write your message on the right, like so:
Abusing #map, or even spamming publicly, could result to jail, or ban (punishment varies).

Chat Channels

  • #map—Sends a map-wide message to all players present in that map.
  • #main—Sends a server-wide message to all players who used the #main channel. Messages in this channel will only be shown to those who have sent messages in this channel during their character login duration. Channel topics: General, Chit-chat, Off-topic

Chat Channel Etiquette

We encourage players to use the #main channel for general and off-topic conversations. In case you did not receive support from #map, you can use @request to send a short 99-character message to all online GMs.

  • Messages in the chat channels must be in the English language. Although we welcome all languages, wide-ranged message mediums such as those used via #map, Broadcaster, Megaphone/Christmas Cheer, and @localbroadcast must remain in the server's main language, which is English.
  • You will only be able to receive messages from the #main channel by joining the channels. To join, simply send a message in the channel. Likewise, others will only be able to read your messages on the channel once they have joined it too.
  • Do not use #map for personal conversations. Keep them brief and on-topic. For general and off-topic conversations, use #main.
  • Do not spam using the chat channels. This includes repeating the same message multiple times, repeating similar messages multiple times, or simply using the chat channels excessively.
  • Keep it polite and civil. We do not tolerate lack of mannerism. Not following any of these rules and guidelines can result in punishment varying from mute to ban, with or without warning.

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