Nine Tail is a Normal brute monster.


  • Endless Tower [Fl:25] (15)
  • pay_dun04 (+ 30x / 1~2 min)
  • pay_fild11 (+ 60x / 3 min)


Nine Tails

Nine Tails Nine Tails (100.00%): used to make Foxy Tail at Justin.

Dead Branch

Dead Branch Dead Branch (100.00%): used to summon Hardrock Mammoth which drops Hard Skin Hard Skin (100.0%)—an ingredient in making many headgear at Justin.


Nine Tail Card
Item ID: 4159

Name: Nine Tail Card


  • AGI +2 
  • Add Flee +20 if the garment is upgraded up to +9 or higher.

 Compounded On: Garment

 Drop Rate: 100.00%

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